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Alois Kasper was founded in Germany 01/12/1945 and is specialized in manufacturing and installation of elevators
And Hanz Lifts Company is the sole agent in the Middle East.

It was the company Alois Kasper lead in the invention of the external rotor traction machine contrary to the other traction machine used for elevators , here is the advantages of this system :

1- Because the external rotor motor was designed without its own bearing it is almost maintenance-free. In addition the worm is rigidly connected to the rotor housing so there is no need for any clutch parts. There is no need for either a motor alignment nor a motor substructure.

2- The rotor housing also serves as an emergency handwheel and brake disk.

3- The motor retainer is connected to the drive housing.

4- Depending on the number of switching actuations the built-on fan blower together with the arrangement of the air flow channels produce cooling of the bearing and cooling when the elevator is stationary, and at the same time also cool the drive bearing near the motor, the motor, the handwheel and the braking surface.

The reduction of the motor and worm bearings exclusively to a worm two-point bearing creates a vibration-free, smooth ride. The result is a compact design which provides a high degree of comfort.

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