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Drew Peterson takes calls on Larry King

" Keeping him in the spotlight is only for profit in the future. Notoriety can be built upon Drew so, in the future, there may be possible book deals," said Pamela Bosco, spokesperson for the family of Stacy Peterson.

Drew Peterson appeared on Larry King Live with his attorney.

Callers got a chance to ask the former Bolingbrook police officer about the case.

Peterson has done television interviews before. "Anadrol 50" But he hasn''t taken questions from the public before.

One caller wanted to know everything from if he was dating, to why he would take a lie detector test, to why he hasn''t been out searching for his wife.

"Searchers are looking for Stacy where I don''t think she is. They''re looking for a body I believe. Stacy''s alive," he said.

Peterson said "Stacy loves male attention" and he thinks she ran off and added that she could be out dancing somewhere right now.

Another caller asked Peterson what his children think happened to their mom.

"The older children are pretty much bored with it all, the 14 and 15 year old, they see it on TV and they''re just bored with it, they want to watch something else. The younger two, Anthony and Lacy, they were told their mom''s on vacation," Peterson said.

Peterson said he is still in love with his wife, "very much so."

For those who Deca Durabolin Jak Brac have been searching for Stacy since her disappearance in October, seeing her husband on CNN, makes them wonder why Peterson doesn''t devote as much time to the investigation as he does promoting himself.

"Seems advertising Drew, like a business owner. It seems like when you advertise something, it''s "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" more or less like you''re "Anaboliset Aineet" going to make a profit off of it," said Bosco.

Peterson was also asked about the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, and the results of a second autopsy that determined her death was a homicide and not an accident.

Peterson said he was "very much surprised, for sure, because for many years, the children and I, we''ve been believing "Anaboliset Aineet" she died in a household accident."

Legal experts say Peterson''s television appearance is the result of bad advice that could later come back to haunt him.

"To put him on national TV where they''re going to take questions from callers when he''s got two potential pending homicides which could make a potential death penalty case, I think, is crazy," said Richard Kling. Chicago Kent College of Law.

One caller asked if Drew Peterson was related to Scott Peterson, the California man who was convicted of killing his pregnant wife and tossing her body in a bay.

On Saturday morning, Deca Durabolin 50 Mg Injection In Hindi friends and family of Stacy Peterson were scheduled to hold a news conference at the Bolingbrook Aquatic Center. They Dianabol Atlas-Dom were expected to providean update on search efforts and the investigation.

Volunteer searchers did gather Saturday for another weekend effort in the southwest suburbs for clues in Stacy''s disappearance. They say they wi''ll continue the "buy cheap jintropin online" weekend search efforts until they find Stacy.

Peterson''s attorney said he believed there would never be any charges in this case despite Peterson''s claims that he is expecting to be charged.

Peterson says the media tries to portray him as an insensitive, cheating husband because it sells better.

Peterson said he "sought female attentions elsewhere" after his marriages had broken down. But the marriages were still legal so he says, "technically I cheated."

Drew Peterson said a man he believes had an affair with Stacy Peterson before her disappearance is a nurse who still lives in the Chicago area.

Peterson told King he hadn''t approached the man, saying, "No, I wouldn''t do something like that."

Stacy Peterson received pornographic text messages from the man a few weeks to a month before she disappeared, lending credence to Drew Peterson''s contention she left him for another man, Brodsky said on the broadcast.

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