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Donors step forward to help Down Syndrome Association of Houston after burglars steal

We have "Anadrol 50" a nice update to a story we first told you about on Wednesday about heartless burglars who broke into the Down Syndrome Association of Houston office, trashed the place, and got away with thousands of dollars in important donations.

Alejandra Lima, the group''s executive director, says donors are replacing everything that was stolen and then some. A generous donation was made Friday morning by one man who saw our report on Ciclo Dianabol E Deca Durabolin ABC 13 And just had to help.

When we met Lima on Wednesday, she was in tears after walking in "Anadrol 50" to the Down Syndrome Association of Houston offices only to see TVs, computers and other electronics stolen. It was $10,000 out the door.

"It bothered me a little bit, so today I stopped by," said Trevor Davis.

Our report struck a nerve with Davis; he knew Buy Kamagra he had to do something.

"I happened to be at the shopping mall last night and we picked up 10 iPads," Davis said.

On Friday, the non profit got a big surprise. Davis presented the association with 10 iPad Mini tablets. The smiles were priceless, and the gratitude was overwhelming.

"She wrote me a little thank you note. It says, ''Thank you Trevor for sending us the many Anavar Just Cardio iPad, we love you thank you. Thank you, Kristin "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" B,''" Davis said.

And the donations keep coming.

"We Anavar 1 Hour Before Workout had a company that came by and said we will give you surveillance cameras, so boom one thing checked off our list," Lima said.

On Friday, Lima was all smiles. And as for the burglars, she has one message for them: thank you.

"They gave us the opportunity to open up so many doors and possibilities for our members, for our donors and Beställa Kamagra Billigt producing to be aware that we do exist," she said.

Lima said late Friday, she received a phone call from the vice president of an energy company. He told her they''re on the way to donate five smart TVs, four Apple TVs and 12 HP notebooks.

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